Intersectional Feminism: Mandatory Reading

This reading list should set the foundation for your views of Feminism. From the slave trade days until now, the rights of women have been under attack. The rights of all women must be fought for. To do this you must educate yourself on their history, the history not often told in school books.

Please request these books from your local library (FOR FREE)!

Remember, It isn't Feminism unless it's Intersectional.


Sojourner Truth, 1864 National Portrait Gallery

Sojourner Truth

Born into slavery in 1797- she escaped to her freedom in 1824. She travelled America and delivered speeches, mostly to white crowds, describing her life of slavery and her views on freedom. She truly was a pioneer. A black woman, speaking out on Black rights, to mostly white people, who thought black people were property and less than human. She also was a trail blazer of marketing! The photo you see to your left were made into cards that she sold on her speaking tour. The slogan "I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance" was printed on the bottom and she used this money to fund her mission of spreading the message of equality! 

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Angela Davis

Described as a "Dangerous Terrorist" by Richard Nixon, Angela Davis was a prominent figure during the Civil Rights movement. The 1963 bombing of the Sixteenth St Baptist Church, that killed 4 young girls, by Ku Klux Klan members moved Angela to join the fight for black equality. She continues to speak out and advocate for social justice. Her writings, although 40+ years old, still hold weight today. 


 March 2006 Taken by:  Nick Wiebe

March 2006 Taken by: Nick Wiebe


bell hooks

bell hooks is an English Professor whose writing was pivotal in bringing Intersectional Feminism to the mainstream in the 1970's. Her writings explain the historical racism and sexism Black Women have faced and continue to face.


 Crunk Feminist Collection Cover

Crunk Feminist Collection Cover

The Crunk Feminist Collective

Self described as Hip Hop Era Feminists, the CFC started out as a small blog launched in March 2010. They quickly gained a following due to their searing insight from the perspective of a black woman post Civil Rights Movement.


Cherrie Moraga

Trailblazing a path for Chicana and Lesbian rights while examining her own white privilege (she is half Anglo/Mexican), Cherrie Moraga's works help to examine queer women of color and their battle for equality.


Kimberle Crenshaw

Often credited with the creation of the term "Intersectionality," Kimberle Crenshaw is a leading civil rights advocate and a full time professor at Columbia University. To fully round out your understanding of Intersectional Feminism, a thorough reading of her works is necessary. 


  • The paper that set the term "Intersectionality" into orbit: Demarginalizing the Intersection of Race and Sex (TEXT)
  • TED TALK: The urgency of Intersectionality by Kimberle Crenshaw (VIDEO)