Ep. 9 Obamacare is barely alive-- Trump JR is a liar-- Haiti -> Venezuela Connection


Yet we are mourning that the Trump Family is still around to mock America

Thank you for tuning into episode 9!

This week we break down the latest news starting with latest fiasco dealing with Donald Trump JR and his secret meetings with Russia.

Did we NOT see this coming?

We flashback to John Mccain's rare showing of decency from the 2008 election; oh how we wish we could go back to simpler times when Republicans didn't sound so outwardly stupid!

We then hop over to Haiti and break down the dire situation that country faces and how the Trump Administrations revocation of Temporary Protected Status of Haitian migrants will only further hurt that country and its citizens.

Another country that isn't making headlines is Venezuela, a country is crisis.

This week marks the 3rd straight week protestors have taken to the streets that often end in violence with police.

And we close out with a clip from Tampa Bay FL

Just when I forget how loony Florida is, some video comes out and proves that Florida is crazy because...... it's Florida.