America, Where cops kill innocent people and are NEVER held accountable.

Is the job police do extremely hard? YES

Are Police ILL trained to use anything OTHER than force? YES

Are Police ever held accountable? NO

If we have to explain these answers to you then you aren't paying attention. 

Comey drops dimes on this administration.

Jeff Sessions makes a mockery of Congress.

Donald Trump is melting down before our very eyes.


And while this is happening, Congress aims to repeal Financial Protections embedded in DODD FRANk, Congress is trying to sneak through a secret OBAMACARE replacement, the environment is still being polluted by Corporate powers, and the middle and lower class of the world is continually shrinking.

Last week was the Puerto Rican Day Parade, we go in depth on the History of Puerto Rico and we speak with Poppa Hernandez about his childhood growing up in Puerto Rico in the 30's and 40's, how sugar cane was a fact of life and his transition to America.

If we battle long enough, if we resist collectively we won't have to mourn Democracy. We can truly embody it.  We are all citizens of the world. We must break down these boundries and fight for the common good.