Ep. 10--Cops cheer Trump Brutality--Obamacare Repeal Fail--Strange Fruit: The Legacy of Lynching

Good Morning and thank you for listening to EP 10!

This week we are mourning all the jobs lost in the White House, for a guy promising jobs he sure likes to fire people.

This week we talk about John Mccain doing THE MOST with his thumbs down vote to decide whether or not the repeal of Obamacare went through. They called it a "skinny repeal", c'mon who came up with this.

Transgender troops are banned and Trump lied about why. And did we mention he released this information on Twitter?

This week we go in depth about Lynching. The Brooklyn Museum opened a new exhibit focusing on the legacy of lynching.


It explores the untold stories of lynchings and the effect of that racial violence on descendants. The exhibit features artwork to accompany these stories, moving pieces that truly embody the resilience of black folks.


Ep. 9 Obamacare is barely alive-- Trump JR is a liar-- Haiti -> Venezuela Connection


Yet we are mourning that the Trump Family is still around to mock America

Thank you for tuning into episode 9!

This week we break down the latest news starting with latest fiasco dealing with Donald Trump JR and his secret meetings with Russia.

Did we NOT see this coming?

We flashback to John Mccain's rare showing of decency from the 2008 election; oh how we wish we could go back to simpler times when Republicans didn't sound so outwardly stupid!

We then hop over to Haiti and break down the dire situation that country faces and how the Trump Administrations revocation of Temporary Protected Status of Haitian migrants will only further hurt that country and its citizens.

Another country that isn't making headlines is Venezuela, a country is crisis.

This week marks the 3rd straight week protestors have taken to the streets that often end in violence with police.

And we close out with a clip from Tampa Bay FL

Just when I forget how loony Florida is, some video comes out and proves that Florida is crazy because...... it's Florida.


America, Where cops kill innocent people and are NEVER held accountable.

Is the job police do extremely hard? YES

Are Police ILL trained to use anything OTHER than force? YES

Are Police ever held accountable? NO

If we have to explain these answers to you then you aren't paying attention. 

Comey drops dimes on this administration.

Jeff Sessions makes a mockery of Congress.

Donald Trump is melting down before our very eyes.


And while this is happening, Congress aims to repeal Financial Protections embedded in DODD FRANk, Congress is trying to sneak through a secret OBAMACARE replacement, the environment is still being polluted by Corporate powers, and the middle and lower class of the world is continually shrinking.

Last week was the Puerto Rican Day Parade, we go in depth on the History of Puerto Rico and we speak with Poppa Hernandez about his childhood growing up in Puerto Rico in the 30's and 40's, how sugar cane was a fact of life and his transition to America.

If we battle long enough, if we resist collectively we won't have to mourn Democracy. We can truly embody it.  We are all citizens of the world. We must break down these boundries and fight for the common good. 


Just when you thought the White House was getting its shit together, it instead hits the fan.

This week we talk about HBCU's doing WORK, WannaCry holding computers and nudes for ransom, and Donald Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey, and we break down the week of lying the White House embarked on.

This week's special guest is Shirley Stokeley, my grandmother, telling stories about growing up in Jim Crow Mississippi in the 1940's which prove that...... ain't shit changed really since then.

Photo taken in RED HOOK BROOKLYN! Featuring Momma Dee to the left, Rosy in the middle and Shirley Mae Stokeley to the right.

Ep. 6-White Folks---Kansas Democrats---The History of Syria

Hey Y'all!

Sorry for the 3 week hiatus but we are back and better than ever!

This week are are incorporating some more production into the podcast. So in the next few weeks be on the look out for funny sounds and more music on our weekly segments.

But this week we answer some recurring questions we've gotten about the targeted demographic of this podcast.

Does it exclude white folks?

Then we jump into a partial recap of what happened in the past three weeks in politics.

Kansas had a big election and Georgia has a special election today 4/18.

Last we dive into the complicated history of Syria and the undercurrents pinning this country in perpetual war.

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SHHHH The Feds are listening...

Another week of these circus elephants in Washington trampling on Democracy.

Wikileaks released classified CIA documents out lining the many tools available to exploit mobile phones, computers even your SMART TV.

Snowden told us this already.


The CBO is the real deal. Don't believe the hype.

We all share common roots and we must mobilize against the unjust system that target all people of color.

Thank you for listening.

Ep. 4 TrumpCare1.0/Pollution Regulation/ Joint Session

TrumpCare? More like TrumpKill.

This week was a Sh*t Show. Trump lies again, this time about Obama Wire Tapping Trump Tower. Jeff Sessions lied about speaking to Russia and the EPA's mission to NOT protect the environment is getting well under way.

Take a listen

Ep. 3 Russian Cabinet/EPA/Gun Control

WHAT A WEEK! The White House is in turmoil-The EPA is under attack, and the Maury Shows takes over Washington as Flynn lies his way to resignation--

"The lie detector test determined, THAT was a lie."

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Episode 2: Attack of the Trump/Bannon Travel Ban, White Supremacy, and SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Good Morning Democracy helps break down who is advising Donald Trump, the links between White Supremacist views and the current administration, and a breakdown of who the SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is. So listen, laugh and take something away.

Also enjoy our very own Twilight Zone soundtrack (:

First Podcast!

Comedy with Fact Driven News. The only way to live through the next 4 years.

Take a listen to our first episode of Good Morning Democracy and share your thoughts.

In this episode we discuss Donald Trump's Executive Orders on the Border Wall and ending Catch and Release.

We also dive into Intersectional Feminism and why White Women must understand why POC feel the way they do.